Thursday, January 28, 2010

The timeline has changed

Addi's doctors (the cardiologist and surgeon) think it is best if she gets a mitral valve surgery sooner rather than later. They have booked her for February 9th. Please pray with us. We want to try to push it out further or not all all.

Dear Lord, we pray for Addison's heart oh God, that you protect it and heal it. May your will be done as we remain your faithful servants. We thank you for blessing us with a beautiful child that we have dedicated to you Oh, God. Please touch those around us, the doctors, the assistantants, our family and friends, that we may all move together by your mighty hand to make sure that Addison is safe and that she will be surrounded by love wherever she may go. May Addison be a testimony, your Addi-"Witness", as you perform a miracle that only can be from your mighty hands. We all pray... AMEN!

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