Tuesday, February 2, 2010

God is Good

So, I worked all day yesterday on the Addison testimonial video. God led Jesse and I not to bring her to surgery on the 9th. I needed to proclaim that GOD WOULD HEAL Addi because my mind was going crazy.  Science was saying that Addi needed surgery to fix her heart and the Lord was leading us to decline and by pure FAITH believe that he will heal her.

I admit that I was questioning if I got the right message or I was just going crazy. God's message was still the same-- stay the course, hold, no surgery. I decided to make Addison's video to proclaim that in this household, we will follow and serve the Lord. Hence, the video that made everyone I have been talking to cry. So I proclaimed yesterday that GOD WILL HEAL.

Today, we went to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. We saw another cardiologist and went through the whole heart diagnostic (echo, ekg, x-ray, etc. etc.). When he spoke to us this time, he said that they deemed Addison's leak to be moderate to moderate/ severe (as compared to the past 2 echos that have been deemed severe). He suggested that we not go to surgery but try to be more aggressive on the medicine to intervine.

I about died when I heard this. Tears of joy were coming down my eyes. I proclaimed GOD's truth and here was HIS promise being shown to me. I know that its not complete healing but God promised us a healing, and we will get a healing. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We will keep you posted on Addison's heart.

If you have not checked out the video, please check it out.

God Bless,
Jesse, Nicole, and Addison