Thursday, January 28, 2010

The timeline has changed

Addi's doctors (the cardiologist and surgeon) think it is best if she gets a mitral valve surgery sooner rather than later. They have booked her for February 9th. Please pray with us. We want to try to push it out further or not all all.

Dear Lord, we pray for Addison's heart oh God, that you protect it and heal it. May your will be done as we remain your faithful servants. We thank you for blessing us with a beautiful child that we have dedicated to you Oh, God. Please touch those around us, the doctors, the assistantants, our family and friends, that we may all move together by your mighty hand to make sure that Addison is safe and that she will be surrounded by love wherever she may go. May Addison be a testimony, your Addi-"Witness", as you perform a miracle that only can be from your mighty hands. We all pray... AMEN!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Here we go again... another ride

So, we are a bit on an emotional roller coaster right now. Addison is doing well her heart function is "low-normal" as her Cardiologist, Dr. Chang described. However, he is concerned that her mitral valve leak has not gotten any better.

He informed us today to expect her to go back to surgery in 3-6 months from today. Then, later in the appointment, he said MARCH!!! Yes, March. I was in such shock that I could not even cry, I had this stupid look on my face like,  "did he just say that?" 

After the appointment we took Addi to the lab to get blood drawn, I was still in shock and it slowly started to hit me that this could actually be our reality. Tears started to roll down my face as I relived our 5 week heart repair ordeal 5 months ago. Then I caught Addi looking at me with her little Addi gaze. I wiped the tears from my cheek and smiled at her, she smiled back. Then I realize that I can be the Eeyore mom about all this or the Tiger mom. I know that if I cry and whine about this, it only makes it harder on Addi.

So, I need to save my energy for her and make sure that no matter what God's will is, I am 100% there for my little girl. We do not have any other details this moment and we will be clearer with the path we will be taking in the next few weeks. I will update this blog as soon as I hear anything. So, please check the blog for any updates. I know last time I used facebook but not everyone had an account.

God has a promise and I want to collect on that promise Exodus 23:25-26 "Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I WILL TAKE SICKNESS FROM AMONG YOU,... I WILL GIVE YOU A FULL LIFE SPAN."

Please pray for Addi's sickness to be healed and for Jesse and I to make wise decisions.

Jesse, Nicole and Addison

Friday, January 1, 2010

One in a Million

So, my cousin told us once that You don't worry about the statistics until YOU ARE a statistic. Today, I started to wonder what are the chances of having Addi  and her heart. So here are the statistics I found on various medical websites.

8 in 1,000 newborns have Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). Addison is one of those 8. There is a 0.8% chance of that. That would be 8000 out of 1 Million.

A VSD (hole in the heart) is the most frequent of the various types of CHD (25%-30% of all CHD). Approximately one infant in 500 will be born with a VSD. Addison is the one in 500. There is a 0.2% chance of that. Aside from that, a Straddling tricuspid valve is another uncommon anomaly that is associated with a VSD. That would be 2000 out of 1 Million.

So, back to those same 8 in 1000; 8–11 percent have coarctation of the aorta (Narrow aorta).  That makes it a .064%-.088% chance that someone will have that. And guess what? Addison has that.That would be 640 out of 1 Million.

Heart block following cardiac surgery is seen in 1% of patients. So, Addison is the 640 in a million who has a coarctation and one of 6 of those kids who gets postoperative Heart block . Addison has that.That would be 6 out of 1 Million.

The prevalence of third-degree AV block is 0.02%. Only 200 out of 1 Million have a permanent pacemaker to cure the heart block... Addison has that.

The prevalence of postoperative of chylothorax is 0.85%. So, Addison is the 640 in a million who has a coarctation and one of 5 of those kids who getspostoperative of chylothorax. Addison had that.That would be 5 out of 1 Million.

Combine all this together and Addison is truly 1 in a million!